Things you did not know about Stanislav Horuna!



Karate Do hero - Stanislav Horuna

Date of birth: 01.03.1989 Place of Birth: Lviv, Ukraine Karate grade (belt): none

Who is your sensei? Nikulin Anton

Why Karate? I always wanted to fight

Stanislav Horuna and Nikulin Anton

Stanislav Horuna and Nikulin Anton

Your Nickname: “Solo”

Favourite song:  “Eminem – Mockingbird”

Favourite movie: Interstellar

Favourite athlete: “Vasyl Lomachenko (boxing)”

The best Karateka of all time?

“Chuck Norris 😉 “


Childhood dream?  To become famous

Your idol or role model? Don’t have

How many hours per day do you spend in the dojo? 1h 30min

How do you spend your free time?

“I’m playing karate-do game ))) or trying something new for me to get new experience and emotions”



Your biggest motivation?  “My goals are my motivation”

Your personal quote you want to share with the world?  

“Want more? Become better”

The secret to success:

“Don’t work hard, work smart”


Do you play Karate Do?


Stanislav Horuna is the most popular Hero in Karate Do game

Your favourite in-game technique? “Double mawashi”

What would you like to be your in-game Nickname?

mr.Solo ))))

Mr Solo - Stanislav Horuna

Meet Mr Solo 🙂

Sneak peek 😉 – What would you like to be your special (fantasy) in-game power?

“Seria of my kicks and punches destroying enemy’s body, like the fatality in Mortal Kombat )))”

Stanislav wants to see his Fatality in Karate Do? hmm

What would you like to see in the game? PvP fights


Thanks, Mr Solo!


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