Karate Do for iOS/Android – Media Kit

Karate Do is RPG-like fighting game, based on real traditional Karate (from both rules and in-game characters) perspective. It is originally released on 12th December 2017, with big Season 2 update on 12th December 2018. It’s most notable characteristics are simple controls with great depth, unique gameplay not comparable with other existing mobile games, and rich content accessible through long playing time span.


  • “Join waging Battle (not Royale though…) between Martial Arts to prove Karate is still and will remain the best. Let Boxing, Taekwondo and others fight for the second place. Join the Black belt army.” – you will experience rich RPG-like progress system with many stages and playing time. More than 300 collectable items are waiting for you, too.

  • True Karateka does not need Octagon to prove his skills. Mountains or rivers will do just fine.” – you will fight various tournaments in beautiful scenarios, all leading to final arena.

  • “Are you Karate Kid? Karate Man or Karate Woman? Karate is for everyone. This game is the only proof you will ever need.” – you probably heard this term many times, but Karate Do lives by the “Easy to learn, hard to master” mantra. There is many depth hiding behind the surface of “two controls” fighting game.

  • If you are still more interested in reading than fighting, below is a more detailed explanation of Karate Do.



  • RPG-style progression, unique and intuitive progression followed by capability to customize your build and profile, and to adapt to the playstyle that suits you best.

  • Traditional Karate experience, represented through authentic moves and fight style within the game.

  • Epic Singleplayer campaign, that guides you through the world of Karate and further enhances your experience.

  • Well-balanced Free2Play implementation, with in-app-purchases, but without the need to buy premium currency or watch ads to progress through the game. Enthusiastic players can purchase diamonds, and further use them to buy chests, individual items, in game currency (particles), special offers, or progress faster through game by instantly unlocking tournaments and saving progress.

  • Social competition. Even though the game contains singleplayer campaign for now only, certain amount of competence is presented through individual and country ladderboards, and also the fact that you can view someone’s profile and try to top that player.

  • Ability queue construction. Combine combat strategies to infinity with choosing from dozen different abilities, while each is upgradeable with following elements:

    • Water: Upgrades range of your abilities

    • Wind: Makes you faster

    • Fire: Gives you strength

    • Earth: Improves defensive skills

  • Authentic Karate rules:

    • Scoring:

      • 1 point – gained for all hand punches

      • 2 points – all kicks in abdomen/back

      • 3 points – kicks in head and throwing


    • Winner:

      • The one who gains more points for 45 seconds

      • If ended draw, the first who scores golden point

      • The first who gains 8 points more than opponent


    • Arena exit is punished with -1 point



The shiniest of them all. It has given great strength to warriors throught ages. It will give you enormous power if you use it without fear.

Refreshing your spirit and soul. Necessary element for every living being. Using it well can improve your reach and master your sense of distance.

The only element that has not been contained or sustained yet. Use it with caution and you shall be granted with it’s fraction of speed and agility.




Miracle Dojo is a young team hailing from Serbia, formed by 6 members with age around 24. Karate Do is our first together project which was in development process for around two years. Disregarding the jinx that the first game “must fail”, this team, fueled by motivation of creating the first authentic Karate game pushed toward the common goal of creating the perfect experience and pulling the most fun out of Karate as a sport (with given resources as an indie studio).
We released Karate Do on Android and iOS platforms, and are bound to maintain and constantly improve experience on these platforms.

…and do not forget to #playkaratedo: