Back to the roots (a Karate before Karate)

A karate before Karate

Although the birth of Karate is regarded to the island of Okinawa, the origins bring us back to the sixth century.


Bodhidharma woodcut illustration, 1887


A legendary Indian monk, Bodhidharma is said to have traveled to China to spread the doctrine of Zen Buddhism.

Settling in the Shaolin monastery he found monks too physically weak to follow his strict meditation regime.

To prepare them for the meditation, he began to teach them a series of exercises.






At the time, monasteries where the centers for learning and education and often were visited by military leaders who recognized the power of martial arts.

In 1392, 36 families from China settled on Okinawa, bringing with them a knowledge of kung fu.



 From there, the history of karate in earnest began.


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